The Coalition of Provider Associations (COPA) works collaboratively to ensure that laws and government policies at both the state and federal level provide the resources necessary to allow people with disabilities equal opportunities to live fulfilling and productive lives. COPA raises awareness of critical issues among the general population, educates legislators about the effects of cuts in funding to supports and services, and illustrates the effects of government actions that have reversed many of the gains made by people with disabilities and their families in the past 40 years.

Five associations, representing more than 250 agencies in New York State providing supports and services for people with disabilities and their families formed COPA to address legal and policy issues affecting people with disabilities and the organizations that provide the supports and services critical to their ability to live as independently as possible in their home communities.

The five associations – Alliance of Long Island Agencies, Inc. (ALIA), Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP OF NYS), the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY), the Inter Agency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies (IAC), and the New York Association of Emerging Multicultural Providers (NYAEMP)– provide supports and services to hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities and employ more than 120,000 dedicated professionals as part of their organizations.

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Advocacy is fundamental to the mission of CP of NYS – both to develop strong advocates and to lobby actively to promote disability issues and concerns.  Please use the links in the green box at the right to learn more of our advocacy efforts and priorities.