Our Team


All State issues, strategic planning, and key advocacy
President & CEO, [email protected]

Susan Constantino was named President and CEO of Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP of NYS) in July, 2004 after serving one year as Deputy Executive Director. As President/CEO she is responsible for the programs and services operated by CP of NYS in New York City as well as the State Association, which offers its 24 Affiliates technical assistance and opportunities for training, information sharing and networking among Affiliate Executive Directors and staff. The organization works with legislative and governmental agencies to ensure that public policy has a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities and their families. Ms. Constantino serves on many governmental task forces, councils and statewide committees representing the interests of CP of NYS, its Affiliates and the people we serve. She joined CP of NYS in 1989 as Special Assistant to the Executive Director, providing technical assistance to Affiliates in programs and funding.

Prior to joining CP of NYS, Ms. Constantino served as the Director of Children’s Services at Aspire of Western New York from 1984 to 1989. Under her direction Children’s Services expanded and improved. She was also active on many county and state committees dealing with children’s disability issues.

Ms. Constantino holds both a Bachelors and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the State University College at Buffalo and has done doctoral course work at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is certified as a Special Education Teacher and a School Administrator and Supervisor.

Ms. Constantino is regarded as a leader in her field by Affiliates as well as governmental and legislative leaders, and is known for her keen understanding of programs and services for people with disabilities and their families. She has received numerous state recognitions throughout the years and in 2008 received the outstanding service award from ACCSES.


DOH issues, advocacy, special projects, program issues
Executive Vice President,  [email protected]

Michael A. Alvaro is the Executive Vice President for Affiliate Services at Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP of NYS). Mr. Alvaro joined the Agency in October 2003.

In his role as Executive Vice President for Affiliate Services, Mr. Alvaro directs the activities of the Affiliate Services office in Cohoes, and works on regulatory and policy issues at the State level. The Affiliate Services Office of CP of NYS organizes and coordinates service to 24 Affiliates, including technical assistance on programmatic and funding issues, as well as legislative advocacy. Mr. Alvaro is also responsible for coordinating Statewide Staff Committees, the Elks Home Service Program and the CP of NYS Annual Conference.

Mr. Alvaro has spent more than 20 years in the healthcare field. Prior to joining CP of NYS, he worked at the Hospital Association of New York State (HANYS), the Hospital Trustees of New York State and, as Vice President at Iroquois Healthcare Alliance. While at Iroquois, he initiated cooperative efforts among hospitals, developed advocacy efforts on behalf of its 58 upstate hospital and health system members, and established one of the State’s first health information exchanges (HIXNY). He also has experience in staff development, fiscal management and governance issues, membership services and marketing.


Support, office financials, conference support
Executive Secretary, [email protected]

Melissa Armstrong joined the Affiliates Services staff in August of 2016, bringing with her 9 years of professional experience in sales and customer service. She studied computer information systems at Schenectady County Community College and has experience working in a variety of computer programs and software applications. Ms. Armstrong serves as the initial contact person for most interactions with the Affiliate Services Office and will be a liaison between Affiliates and Affiliate Services Staff, answering questions and directing requests as appropriate. She also handles scheduling and correspondence for Affiliate Services staff and assists with coordinating details for the CP of NYS Annual Conference and other meetings and trainings.


Support, office management, conference, publications & mailings
Office Manager, [email protected]

Cheryl Bradway has been with CP of NYS for over 16 years, currently providing office management and a wide variety of support for the Affiliate Services Office. She takes a lead role in organizing the Annual Conference, is responsible for the artistic design of all publications, and assists with website and social media administration.

She is a key liaison between Affiliates and Affiliate Services Staff, answering questions and directing requests as appropriate. She also coordinates the flow of information and mailings to the Affiliates. Ms. Bradway assists the Vice President of Government Relations tracking legislation, filing necessary lobby reports, and organizing lobby days and rallies. Prior to joining the CP family, she worked for over 15 years at the Healthcare Association of NYS providing support for their Government Affairs Division.


Government relations, advocacy
Vice President, Government Relations, [email protected]

Barbara Crosier is the Vice President for Government Relations at CP of NYS. She joined CP of NYS in December of 1994 after having worked for the Healthcare Association of NYS and the New York State Senate Finance Committee. Ms. Crosier is responsible for advocacy on behalf of and support to all of the CP of NYS Affiliates, staff, consumers and families regarding legislation and public policy, and serves as liaison between the CP of NYS Affiliates and the New York State Legislature, Governor’s Office, New York State Agencies and Congress. Ms. Crosier has almost 30 years of experience monitoring, analyzing and interpreting state and federal budgets and legislation; facilitating the development of legislative priorities and agenda, lobbying for or against and negotiating relevant legislation, organizing lobby days, rallies and other public education efforts, preparing and presenting testimony, position papers and policy analysis. She responds to legislative staff and member requests on a variety of issues including supports and services for people with developmental disabilities, special education, Early Intervention, Article 28, and various issues of interest and concern to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Ms. Crosier has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters in Public Policy from Rockefeller College at SUNY Albany.


SED program issues, Early Intervention
Vice President, Policy & Program Services, [email protected]

Judi Gerson has 40+ years of experience focused on programs and services for children and adults with disabilities and their families. She began her association with CP in 1979 at the CP of Ulster County Affiliate and has been at the CP of NYS Affiliate Services office since 1993. Her skills and experience include direct service delivery, technical assistance; personnel training and development; curriculum development; program planning and evaluation; regulatory analysis and compliance; and policy development and advocacy.

Ms. Gerson’s current areas of focus at CP of NYS include early intervention and preschool and school-age special education, although previous areas of expertise also include family support, service coordination/case management, and clinical and assistive technology services. In providing assistance to Affiliates, she focuses on both regulatory compliance as well as innovative and best practice models of service delivery and encourages networking and information-sharing among our Affiliates.

Throughout her career, she has served on numerous committees and work groups which advise state governmental agencies on policy and program issues, with the goal of ensuring that public policy and funding have a positive impact on the people and families we serve. She is currently a member of the NYS Early Intervention Coordinating Council (EICC) and serves on the EICC Executive Committee and participates on various SED/Office of Special Education Work Groups.


SED finance/program, general Finance issues, CFR/AHCF data bases
Vice President, Financial Management & Support, [email protected]

Tom Hamel is Vice President of Financial Management and Support. In that role he assists Affiliates on rate-setting and other education issues. Mr. Hamel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in education matters after more than 30 years at the State Education Department. He spent over 25 years administering the tuition rate process as chief of the department. Tom’s SED career included participation in many cross-state agency initiatives leading to a broad knowledge of staff and operations at those agencies. He has led numerous task forces on rate methodology, was the SED commissioner’s designee on the State Dormitory Authority Board and worked to help CP of NYS Affiliates finance education programs and activities that benefit children across the state. Mr. Hamel holds a B.S. Degree in Economics from Siena College and a MBA from the College of Saint Rose.


Grant Manager, Litmos
BIP Grant Coordinator, [email protected]

Lorie Liptak came to CP of NYS in March 2015 to manage the Training Initiative and Managed Care BIP grants and now serves as the Project Director for the Centers of Excellence grant. In addition, she manages Litmos, a learning management system, and oversees the development of the affiliated course library. She is committed to providing our Affiliates with tools that will allow their staff to better serve individuals with developmental disabilities.

Prior to joining CP of NYS, Ms. Liptak spent 18 years working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as a Paramedic and Clinical Services Manager. She also has years of experience in disaster planning and response for NYS healthcare facilities, developing volunteer programs including ServNY, and grant management.


Consultant on OPWDD/rate rationalization/technical issues
Consultant, [email protected]

Jim started with CP of NYS as a Consultant in 2015 after more than 30 years in State Government, including a long tenure at the NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Most recently, Mr. Moran was the Acting Executive Deputy Commissioner, responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day operations of OPWDD’s Central Office and its 13 Developmental Disabilities Services Offices (DDSOs). He worked with the Commissioner of the agency to craft policy agenda, advocate for funding resources, workforce enhancements and overall quality of care for the people with developmental disabilities and their families supported and served by OPWDD. Mr. Moran had worked for OPWDD since 1981 in various fiscal capacities, including Director of Administration and Revenue Development, Director of Cost and Revenue Development, and Assistant Director of Rate Setting. Most recently, Mr. Moran served as Deputy Commissioner for Fiscal and Administrative Solutions. At CP of NYS, he assists Affiliates in shaping programs and responding to regulatory and financial changes.


Legal counsel/review
Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, [email protected]

With CP of NYS for seven years, David Seay, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, serves as the agency’s attorney and in-house general counsel. He oversees and manages all of the agency’s legal affairs and provides legal counsel and guidance to the Board of Directors and management of CP of NYS. These responsibilities include: oversight of litigation, contracts, real property and landlord tenant law, exempt organization and not-for-profit corporation law, employment law, trusts and estates and corporate governance. Mr. Seay manages the agency’s Community Trusts – our pooled supplemental needs trusts for consumers receiving services from CP of NYS or any of our Affiliate organizations – and our Corporate Guardianship Program. Further, he oversees the agency’s Corporate Compliance Program and Vice President for Corporate Compliance & Quality Systems. He provides informal guidance and counsel to Affiliates upon request.


PR/Communications, special projects, ELKS liaison, annual conference
Vice President, Communications, [email protected]

Al Shibley has been in his current position with CP of NYS since 1999. He works with Affiliate public relations and development directors to facilitate information sharing and to assist with fundraising and public awareness issues. His responsibilities include overseeing internal and external communications for CP of NYS, including website and facebook content and printed materials. He ensures the CP of NYS Annual Conference and other statewide and regional meetings and events succeed. He is committed to the NYS Elks, working with families, volunteers, Affiliate staff and colleagues at CP of NYS to advance our mission and goals through our family advocacy initiatives.


BIP Centers of Excellence grant coordinator
BIP Project Coordinator, Centers of Excellence, [email protected]

Greg Siegel started working at CP Metro Services in their health centers as they began the process of transitioning into Federally Qualified Health Centers in 2013. In 2015 he moved to Affiliate Services working as the Project Coordinator for the OPWDD BIP grant Centers of Excellence in the Care and Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Complex Disabilities.



Clinic/Medicaid issues, billing/claims issues, DOH advocacy
Vice President, Reimbursement & Regulatory Compliance, [email protected]

Deb Williams has worked for CP of NYS for 20 years and is currently the Vice President for Reimbursement and Regulatory Compliance in the Affiliate Services Office. Ms. Williams works with CP of NYS Affiliates on issues related to clinic services, Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement, Medicaid managed care, and other health care related issues. She works closely with NYS DOH staff on issues of concern to CP of NYS Affiliates.

Ms. Williams joined CP of NYS as the principal researcher on the Medicaid Managed Care Project, a grant funded by NYS DOH, where she conducted research on reimbursement and service utilization for people with developmental disabilities. Prior to joining CP of NYS, Ms. Williams worked for the NYS School Boards Association, conducting research on various education issues.

Ms. Williams received her master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and was a Public Policy Fellow at the Center for Women in Government at SUNY Albany.

*All Listed above assist on specific issues, but these staff do so on a regular and ongoing basis.